Chicken Joes – Home of the Chicken Nugget

img_3959 img_5271

Who doesn’t love french fries, nuggets, chili, cheese, bacon? You get the point.  Chicken Joe’s is by far one of my all time favorite places to eat and if you haven’t tried it yet, you have not lived.  Chicken Joe’s is known for their “Baby Special” or “High School Special”.  These come with fries and nuggets, or you can choose to swap out the french fries for fried potato cones.  (Which are better than fries if you ask me).  You can even do a combo of them both.  Chicken Joe’s is known to have the best nuggets around and once you try them, you will agree.  Chicken Joe’s offers a lot of fried food, which may not be the healthiest but hey, we all need to indulge sometimes.

I have shared two photos at the top of the post.  The photo on the left, is a Baby Special with cheese on top.  This is by far my favorite thing on the menu.  You can add any toping you want like cheese or even chili, which is really good! Chicken Joe’s also has a really good chili.  This is a simple meal but it is delicious.  Chicken Joe’s has a signature honey mustard sauce they make and it is a must have if you’re ordering something like a Baby Special.  A High School special is the same thing as a baby, it is just a bigger serving size.  The photo to the right is a Bacon, egg, cheese, chili and cones sandwich.  It’s a lot I know but it is AMAZING.  Cones are almost like fried potato balls and they are to die for.  This sandwich is perfect for a sunday morning.  Chicken Joe’s also offers iced coffee and it goes really well with the breakfast sandwiches. They make all different kinds of breakfast sandwiches you can choose from.

Chicken Joe’s is a must try.  They also offer healthier options like salads and cold cut sandwiches.  Although some advice, get the fried stuff!! It’s not something you eat everyday so why not indulge.  Chicken Joe’s has many different locations.  Greenwich, Cos Cob, New Rochelle, Albany.  So get out there and go try it!! You will not regret it.  Tag #FairfieldFoodie in your post on Instagram or Facebook when you go and post a photo and show us what you ordered and how you liked it!



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