Fairfield Foodie Hits HTown – Take Two!

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As you all know, I absolutely love Houston Texas.  Why? The food.  Each city has its perks and the one of the best parts of Houston is the food for sure.  There is so much variety and pretty much all of it is amazing.  I’m going to share with all you foodies three different places I went to and why you should travel to Houston one day and check them out for yourselves!

Hops Meet Barely.  The photo to the right of the three beers is an awesome bar.  It has a really relaxed feel and the majority of the bar is outside.  There are about 15 picnic tables for people to sit at and they have over 20 different types of beers on tap.  If you’re into IPA’s they have it, Belgian whites, sour beers, literally any type of beer you can imagine they have!  I tried a Belgian white type of beer and it was so good.  It was made by Harpoon.  My sister is into sour types of beer and that is what she ordered, that is the dark beer in the smaller glass and her boyfriend ordered an IPA beer.  We went to Hops Meet Barely after dinner so we didn’t order any food but some people next to us ordered burgers and fries and they looked really good.  Believe it or not, this bar even allows you to bring your dogs!  No lie, there were like 20 dogs there.  It was fun and if you’re a dog person then check this place out for sure.

Torchy’s Tacos.  A must go if you’re ever in the Houston area. I ordered a beef fajita taco and a sausage and cheese taco and they are to die for.  They aren’t really your traditional Mexican tacos but they’re something different and everyone loves Torchy’s.  I didn’t get a photo of the queso but it is said to be the best queso in Texas.  I would back that up, it was delicious and it was a bit spicy so if you like spicy you have to try it out! Two taco’s were enough for me, they are really filling and bigger than they look in the photograph.  I would say on average people order 2-4 tacos each.  At some point you have to try Torchy’s Tacos!!

B&B Butchers in Houston is a very well known place.  It is very pricy (they had a steak on the menu for $300) but it is a delicacy.  The B&B butcher shop in Houston is known all over the world and the steak truly is amazing.  You order your meal which is usually a steak, so you choose the type of meat you want and then you choose any sides you want, those are extra.  I ordered a New York Strip steak with steak fries and mac n cheese on the side.  B&B isn’t the type of place you go to often, it is expensive with the steaks averaging at about $60 for one steak, but if you’re taking someone out for a special occasion it is a great place to go.  I’m usually not a fan of really expensive places to eat but B&B really does have amazing meats, so if you’re ever in Houston…check it out!


For anyone that’s interested:

I will be hosting an event where I can meet all of my readers and foodies!  We can get to know each other and talk about possible collaborations.  RSVP if you’re coming!



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