First Shake Shack Experience

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Odds are you’ve heard of the Shake Shack.  It’s a growing chain and I’m lucky enough to live about a half hour from one.  The Shake Shack I go to is in Westport, Connecticut.  My first experience at Shake Shack was unbelievable.  I was driving home from a vacation in Cape Cod and hadn’t eaten lunch that day which means I was hangry.  No…I didn’t mean hungry.  I stopped at the Shake Shack and saw they had cheese fries on the menu. Which is a must when you go to the Shake Shack.  I ordered cheese fries and a burger with bacon, cheese and shack sauce.  Life changing, let me tell ya.  I made my own burger but they have a pretty big selection of burgers to choose from.  The bacon they use has a maple glaze on it and it goes really well with the burger.  They even have a burger with a huge mushroom on it.  I personally don’t like mushrooms so that one would not be my ideal order at the Shake Shack. You can also get a hot dog with different toppings if you don’t want a burger.

When you get a burger and fries, you automatically need to order a milkshake.  It should be a law.  So naturally, I ordered a large chocolate milkshake with my meal.  I may be a small girl, but I ate every single thing I ordered which tells you it was amazing because I rarely ever can finish a meal!  They have a variety of milk shakes you can choose from but I say go with the chocolate, it was so good.

The Shake Shack is a great place if you’re looking for a quick place to grab dinner.  They have seating so if you don’t get it to-go you can sit inside (or outside if it’s nice out) at their outdoor seating areas.  It is by far better than any other burger joint I’ve been to.  You can compare Shake Shack to a place like Five Guys, but Shake Shack is much better in my opinion.  The Shake Shack chain is growing rapidly so go try it out and tell me if you agree!


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