Ginger Man Ginger Man

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The Ginger Man is located in Greenwich, Connecticut and it on Greenwich Avenue.  (A strip of stores that are over priced)  The Ginger Man on the other hand, isn’t over priced and the food is as delicious as it comes.  The Ginger Man is your all American restaurant.  From steak, chicken, pasta, buffalo wings and beer, you can get it all at The Ginger Man.

It’s safe to say I’m at The Ginger Man at least once every two months.  It’s my go to place for hanging out with friends and grabbing dinner and a drink, going on a date with my boyfriend or even for birthday dinners with family.  The first photo above is when I went to The Ginger Man’s Sunday brunch.  It did not disappoint.  They have brunch every Sunday from 10-2 with a wide variety of options to choose from.  You can order pancakes, waffles, steak & eggs (which I chose) and they have sides like hash browns, potatoes, fries, fresh fruit and others.  The brunch is fairly cheap for what you are getting and I really recommend it.  They even have special drinks for Sunday brunch like Mimosas or Sangria.

Lately every time I go to The Ginger Man, I have to get the Tollhouse cookie pie for dessert.  It is literally the best thing you will ever eat so TRY IT! It’s by far my favorite thing on the dessert menu but they also have a really good fudge brownie dessert with ice cream. (I’m making myself hungry while writing this)  Okay enough about dessert, now let’s talk about dinner.  My favorite thing on the dinner menu is the new york strip steak with mashed bacon potatoes and asparagus.  I order this almost every time and it is always delicious.  They also have a really good chicken dinner that just tastes like Thanksgiving.  It comes with stuffing, potatoes, gravy and all. And a must have if you’re visiting The Ginger Man is their buffalo wings.  I promise you they are the best buffalo wings you will ever eat.  Overall, The Ginger Man is such a rare find.  Decent prices, amazing food, delicious dessert, a wide variety of IPA beers to choose from and so much more.  Not only that, but the atmosphere in The Ginger Man is great.  They have dim lighting and fire places all around the restaurant.  Mark The Ginger Man down as a must go on your list of foodie places to try!

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