Bartaco For the Win

img_5060 img_5065 img_8663_2 img_8666_2Whenever I hear Bartaco, I think of two things: tacos & tequila. Bartaco only has ten locations in the United States.  The two locations I go to are located in Port Chester New York and Stamford Connecticut.  Bartaco started to become really popular within the past few years.  It’s a great place to go for tacos and drinks.  I am obsessed with Bartaco and I  absolutely love the atmosphere.

At Bartaco you order by the taco.  The tacos range from $2.50 to $4.00 each depending on which ones you choose.  They have a variety of options ranging from chicken, steak, avocado, fried oyster, mushroom and a few more options.  Whenever I go to Bartaco I either get the chicken or steak tacos with a side of corn which comes with parmesan cheese and a chipotle sauce on it.  The corn dish is by far my favorite thing on the menu.  You can also get rice bowls which I have never tried but my friends have gotten them and they do look really good!  The tacos are fairly small, I usually get four tacos and a corn bowl on the side to fill me up.  Bartaco is set up with booths and lots of chairs surrounding the bar for people to eat or get drinks at the bar.

Another big reason people go to Bartaco is their drinks! They are known for their margaritas.  Who doesn’t love tacos and tequila? They offer an original margarita as well as seasonal margaritas.  In the summer they have a watermelon margarita which I was hesitant to try but it was amazing.  They change up the drink menu when the seasons change and have different drinks to go with each season which I think is a really smart idea because people can try new things and switch it up.

The most important part of a meal is obviously dessert.  Bartaco offers churros covered in cinnamon with chocolate sauce on the side and it is to die for.  They also have all different types of ice cream you can order.  Sometimes my friends and I will go to Bartaco just for dessert and a drink.

Bartaco offers great quality food, an amazing atmosphere and overall it is a great place to gather with friends, have a good time and eat good food.  I go to Bartaco often and it is one of my favorite places.  Check it out!


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