Fairfield Foodie hits HTown

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Houston, TX.  First thing that comes to my mind is BBQ, BBQ, BBQ.  And let me tell you, Houston TX bbq does live up to the hype.  My sister moved to Houston two years ago and I visit a few times a year.  (mainly to go crazy and eat way more than I should)  This was a quick weekend visit but I made sure to get in all of my favorite spots to eat.  The first night I got there, we stopped at the best Mexican place in Houston (Hugo’s). Let me just say, best Margaritas on the face of the earth, they are so good you can’t have just one (or four) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I ordered something simple but SO good.  You have never lived until you’ve had tacos and margs from Hugo’s…just sayin.

The next morning we decided to try something crazy.  We went to the Kemah boardwalk in Texas and decided to try Crawfish.  Considering I’m not the biggest seafood fan I didn’t really like the whole Crawfish experience but my sister ate almost the whole bowl so I guess they were good! The whole pulling them apart and sucking on their shells kind of creeps me out but they did smell good so I’ll give them that.

By far my favorite part about Houston is the amazing bbq.  There is just something about having bbq in Texas.  Everything about it is amazing, the sauce, ribs, rice, brisket and even the bread was literally the best I’ve ever had.  We went to Goode’s BBQ, they have a few different locations in Texas and this was my first time trying Texas BBQ (a life changer).  I got a Lonestar beer with my bbq, which is the Texas state beer.  Who knew states had their own beer?  And the saying is true that “everything is bigger in Texas” because the serving sizes at Goode’s bbq were huge and for a good price.  The loaded baked potato was my absolute favorite.  I will definitely be going back to Goode’s bbq when I’m back in Houston in a few weeks.

To end the trip, we stopped at Southside Espresso for coffee and the experience was great.  Southside is a coffee shop and they sell things like croissants and pastries as well.  The coffee was delicious and the experience at Southside was even better.  They play coffeehouse music, have cool paintings all over the walls and have outdoor seating with an awesome landscape around it.  It’s safe to say I love visiting Houston for the amazing food and experience that comes with it.  (and seeing my sister of course)



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